I have some new concerns for us to think about as far as using MICROCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE as a filler in Nature Throid, Westhroid and ArmourThyroid tablets.

I am a Registered Nurse, with an extensive background in physiology. It occurred to me that just as the cells cannot keep out artificial sweeteners, but absorb them as if they were ordinary glucose, and that this wreaks havoc in our cells ability to function, leading to many forms of physical discomfort and illness, that the same thing would apply if we use MICROCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE as a filler in our Thyroid products. I remembered reading about why Armour stopped working well for many people, even when they adjusted their dosage correctly. The reason stated was that they had started using artificial fillers.

Doing some research I came upon this article, and want to share it here.  It says exactly that: Our cells cannot stop the micro-nano particles from entering them, and once there, these particles, especially from cellulose from wood, which is what Microcrystalline Cellulose comes from, are not able to be absorbed, but float in and out of the cell membranes, and basically clog up tiny places in our bodies, bio-accumulating as we ingest more, and cause background inflammation to rise. Beware of ‘Cellulose’ as a filler in food products. If it comes from “A Vegetable Source” that is OK, if it does not specify, it means it came from, “Wood Pulp” Steer clear of any and all products that use Microcrystalline Cellulose whose source is not indicated.

A couple of excerpts from the article follow:

Nanotechnology: benefits vs toxic risks,

Feb. 1, 2007 George Burdock Functional Ingredients

“Once in the body, some particles have changed the shape or conformation of proteins, creating a protein similar to that produced in Alzheimer’s disease. Changing protein conformation can potentially create new allergenic proteins in organs to which the body could mount an immune response.

While easy entry into the cells of the intestine and target organs can be beneficial, the other side of the coin is that because these particles are so ‘slippery,’ how can they ever be excreted by the body? Because much of our excretory system at the cellular level is based on a cell successfully excreting a substance (as in the kidney) to be flushed away, how can the particle be made to remain in the waste stream if it can so easily gain re-entry into other cells downstream?

While some of the more dramatic examples of actual physical damage are described above, the damage most often seen in response to nano-materials is the generation of reactive oxygen species, resulting in oxidative stress to the biological system.

In oxidative stress, the universal antioxidant chemical in the body, glutathione or GSH, is converted to the oxidized inactive form, GSSH. As reserves of GSH are depleted and the GSH:GSSH ratio lowers, the body mounts a progressively more assertive reaction. The first stage of oxidative stress is to produce special enzymes to detoxify the new invading chemical; if, however, there is no enzyme for this purpose or the human does not have the capability to produce the enzyme, the body progresses into the next stage, inflammation.””



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Emi Miller has practiced Integrative Holistic Medicine for thirty years. She is a Registered Nurse, Nationally Certified Holistic Nurse, NCCAOM Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Naturopathy, and an Interfaith, Stephen Minister. Emi is also a meditation teacher and Pastoral Care Counselor. She has been a student of the world's Spiritual traditions for more than fifty years, and blessed to receive wisdom from many Masters and Saints. She is dedicated to helping bring forth unity of the world's religious Ideals, and the reality of the One Creator of All. Besides her writing and studying the sacred religious traditions, Emi enjoys long walks by the ocean, music and theatre, taking journeys and discovering beauty in natural places, and visiting with good friends and family.
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