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Emi Miller has practiced Integrative Holistic Medicine for thirty years. She is a Registered Nurse, Nationally Certified Holistic Nurse, NCCAOM Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Naturopathy, and an Interfaith, Stephen Minister. Emi is also a meditation teacher and Pastoral Care Counselor. She has been a student of the world's Spiritual traditions for more than fifty years, and blessed to receive wisdom from many Masters and Saints. She is dedicated to helping bring forth unity of the world's religious Ideals, and the reality of the One Creator of All. Besides her writing and studying the sacred religious traditions, Emi enjoys long walks by the ocean, music and theatre, taking journeys and discovering beauty in natural places, and visiting with good friends and family.

The Placebo Effect, Does It Work?

                      Many years ago I read a book by Dr. Larry Dossey, called: Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine. If you have not read it, you … Continue reading

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Wearing Personal Fitness Devices & Wi-Fi Dangers

When we are ‘hooked up’ to any kind of monitoring device, the results they show us are gathered into their screen by our own body sending its energy into the device. In other words, our Energy System is being drained to Light Up their screen. Continue reading

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How to Find What Toxins Are In Your Water

What toxins are in your water? If you find Hexavalent Chromium listed, Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, with Mineral Replacement Continue reading

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Calcium Supplements May Damage the Heart – Experts Recommend Caution Before Taking Calcium Supplements

our study adds to the body of evidence that excess calcium in the form of supplements may harm the heart and vascular system.” long-running research project funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, which included more than 6,000 people seen at six research universities, including Johns Hopkins. Their study focused on 2,742 of these participants Continue reading

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The Ancient Religion of the Queen of Heaven

Ancient Religion of the Queen of Heaven, it is time that we stop calling these people derogatory names such as ‘idol worshippers’ or ‘pagans’, and give them the same respect for their religion as we would like others to speak of our own: Goddess worshippers of the Queen of Heaven. Continue reading

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Toxic “Plant Extracts” and Other Toxins In Cat Litter

Toxins that may be hiding in your cat litter, including fragrances and ‘Plant Extracts’. In case you are wondering what is going on with your Cat Litter, that it has started smelling really strong lately, and that the smell is filling up the entire house, with a sharp quality, something like menthol, you are not alone. Recently all of the traditional clay littlers have started adding something called, “Plant Extracts” to help with odor control. And this can be quite bothersome, to both you, your family and your cat. Continue reading

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Wisdom Knows

              Wisdom Knows Wisdom’s understanding is known. It is known before any words are spoken. It is known as the words are spoken, and it is known after they are complete. And, if the words are … Continue reading

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Breathing Sodium Bentonite dust can cause irritation to the nose and lungs, and even can cause silicosis and lung cancer. And that is not just for us, but for our pets it can cause sneezing, cold-like symptoms, and diarrhea, as the substance that causes it to be a clumping litter swells up in their abdomens when they lick their fur. You may be looking into more “Natural” kitty litters, yet be really careful about those that contain corn or wheat. These can grow molds when wet and aflatoxins, as well as contain GMOs, pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed on these plants, and we are breathing in these in the dust of the litter… as well as our pets are licking in all of these toxins. Continue reading

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CHRONIC LYMES: Whole Leaf Stevia Extract Proved As Effective As 3 Antibiotics

The stevia extract was found to work against even the most antibiotic-resistant of the bacteria, known as the biofilm. The individual antibiotics, on the other hand, actually increased the biofilm rather than eliminating it. Continue reading

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Good news is coming about Chronic LYMES Disease …. take whole leaf Stevia Extract for killing LYMES pathogen Continue reading

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