Proof That Colder Winters Are Part Of Global Warming

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So this is the first proof of my ‘theory’ about why we are having such cold winters…..
That Global Warming is causing the polar ice caps to melt…. Of course we all know, and can see this! The Polar Bears have no where to rest. They swim and they are drowning…. but until this article, I had not yet heard anyone talking/thinking about the fact that our cold wet weather in the winters are connected to the evaporation of the water — that was in the icebergs — and was evaporated from the warmer oceans — and goes up into the sky…. and gets into the jet stream — and comes down upon in huge winters. 
Right now it seems that most scientists are NOT sure what’s happening…. The article attached below states that the scientists have seen a decrease in the temperatures of the ocean…. since 1998…. and they were basing Global Warming on its continued RISE.  So they are thinking that there has been a ‘pause’ in Global Warming, but that they believe it will return, with the return of the periodic El Nino…. 
YET…. Here is another view:
The reason for the pause in ‘Global Warming’ and the decrease in temperatures of the Ocean is due to the rapidly melting Ice in the Arctic.
Some proof of this theory is coming:
But wait, that is not the end… Of course after all the ice has melted, and after the seas have risen…. on all the coasts…. drowning parts of Italy and the rest of the homes and businesses of those living on any coasts ….. Then the natural flow of winter’s snow and cold, which has provided snowpacks in the mountains, that melt in the summers and give us our water, as well as helping to kill off various viruses, and helping the animals and plants to keep their yearly life-cycles — will be no more. Then the winters will be very warm and the summers exceedingly hot.  And our water will be in short supply…..
So as we are beginning to see there has been no pause in Global Warming¦ Just our Earth is continuing to be impacted. The Ice Caps have been very important to maintaining our climate…. in a rhythmic pattern and we have come to rely on our Seasonal shifts, and not take much notice…. they just were always there.
Best to figure out how to convert salt water to clear water very soon.
Emi Miller, RN, HN-BC, L.Ac, ND


 Consider one of the most interesting climate surprises of 2013, which came just last week, a kind of climatologist’s surprise present — the public announcement on Christmas of the discovery of a meltwater aquifer within the Greenland Ice Sheet large enough to raise global sea level a little bit. In a sense, this is like suddenly finding a lost entry in the unreconciled global energy balance sheets that Trenberth has been railing about in recent years: this one lake represents about .4mm worth of sea level rise, and the ocean has been rising now at about 3.2mm/yr, so it is about 12 percent of a year’s worth of sea level, and might even represent one percent of Trenberth’s imagined missing energy since the millennium (although this is surely an over-simplification and exaggeration, since there are vastly differing energetics behind thermal expansion of the ocean and melting of ice). In any case, this aquifer gift teaches us that one underlying assumption has been wrong about the global energy budget — that is, that annual sea level rise creates an accurate measure of the global energy budget writ large in real time. And while we know that this hidden lake represents but a thin slice of Trenberth’s presumed missing energy, we have no idea how many such aquifers there might be, and this one covers just one little part of the eastern side of the immense Greenland Ice Sheet, and seems unlikely to be all alone. How many of these might there be in Antarctica?

This story of this unrecognized spiraling arctic crisis, recently laid even more bare by dry and academic sounding data gaps, “kriging”, and other fusty things I won’t bore you with, is really one of the stories of the decade. You see, the wintry chill that is coming right now to 100,000,000 Americans is perfectly in line with what is often called the “warm Arctic-cold continents” pattern these days. This is happening because of the blue line you see in the graph above. In short, what you are seeing out your window right now, the blast of Arctic air you are feeling, is coming from the real “missing energy” that one of the most famous U.S. climate scientists said was at the bottom of the sea. To be continued, but in the mean time — Happy New Warming Year!

* NOTE: The full article is getting to the fact about the melting ice and weather patterns. Big change is upon us. Bigger change is coming. The knowledge about the melting ice and Global Warming is coming very soon to us all. —
Emi Miller
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