Sharon’s Testimonial: Emi Finds A Hidden Thyroid Condition, Used Environmental Lifestyle Changes

Throughout my six years of illness, I have consulted and worked with several health practitioners of all types.  Emi Miller has been the most thorough, dedicated and most intuitive and intelligent doctor I have not only been in the care of but will probably ever know.  Myself and other patients of hers agree that there is no other practitioner in our area who can offer her level of wisdom.  A true holistic nurse examines a patient’s current health state, the patient’s and family’s health history, their constitution, their past and current home living environment, their past and current work environment, and their past and current diet.  Emi Miller covers all of these factors in her examination of her patients in addition to taking the patient’s pulses and diagnosing  their condition through the Five Element Principle.  She applies her energy work in the form of moxabustion and a Hand-Energy based form of Asian Bodywork, called Te-A-Te.  When suggesting any kind of nutritional supplement, Emi regards each patient as an individual case and suggests dosages based on their unique condition.  I have been most impressed by her work with a balanced organic diet.  Most health practitioners rarely work with diet at all for they have not yet made the connection.  I had been searching a very long time to find someone who believed that one’s diet is crucial to their healing process and overall health.  Emi tailors each patient’s diet according to all of the factors I mentioned above, and continues to alter the diet according to season and the variations of the patient’s condition as they recover.  I was reluctant at first to make the radical change from being a hardcore vegetarian of seventeen years to becoming an omnivore.  Under Emi’s guidance I made the transition in addition to eating many of the other foods I believed I could not tolerate, due to my troubles with low blood sugar.  I trusted her dietary wisdom.  Each meal and snack is based on sound food principles to create a balance.  She literally designs a diet for every day of the week including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  My troubles with low blood sugar gradually disappeared and I dropped the weight I needed to lose.  My skin and nails regained a healthy color and my eyes came back to life.  Her allopathic experience and knowledge served to help my physician uncover my hidden Hashimoto thyroid condition.  While I had been given standard thyroid tests, they all showed normal function, and did not reveal Hashimoto’s disease.  Emi was fairly certain that I was affected by this condition, based on my symptoms.  It wasn’t until she recommended a deeper level of blood testing  that my physician finally found the antibodies for this autoimmune condition – proving that the routine lab test results cannot always be relied upon.  One of the early major changes Emi “prescribed” for my health was to vacate a moldy, old apartment and move into a relatively new, mold-free home.  She had a specific resident age guideline for my condition in this humid climate.  Emi also helped me to move on in my life by encouraging me with great persistence to learn driving skills (at a late age) and in purchasing a vehicle.  This was a long overdue step which I undoubtedly would have procrastinated in dealing with.  Emi is a detailed researcher and educator in all of her areas of expertise.  For people with environmental sensitivities she can offer many suggestions from lifestyle changes to switching over to chemical-free products such as organically grown bedding.  I personally hadn’t known of the hazards of off-gassing from commercially made products such as bedding, clothing and building materials.  Since she introduced this awareness to me, I have encouraged the presentation of organic cotton products in  my health food store here in Virginia, and have invested in such products for myself.    I would recommend Emi Miller to anyone dealing with any acute or chronic condition.  You will be lucky to have her and she will be very missed here.

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