Diagnosis And Treatment Of Hidden Gluten Intolerance & Allergies

It is with pleasure that I recommend Dr. Emi Miller.   She is knowledgeable and very professional in the Field of Integrative and Holistic Health.   She demonstrates compassionate concern and really listens as she gains information and puts an individualized plan of care into action.   I was seen for three months in the traditional Medical arena with significant digestive issues and was never asked about my diet.   Dr. Miller recommended allergy testing which revealed significant allergies.   Within two weeks of major changes in diet, I began to feel better. I continue to improve and I’m regaining my stamina as I follow her dietary recommendations and receive Acupressure treatments.

As a retired heath care professional, I recognize excellent health care.   Emi Miller truly delivers and for that I am very grateful.





About Emi Miller

Emi Miller has practiced Integrative Holistic Medicine for thirty years. She is a Registered Nurse, Nationally Certified Holistic Nurse, NCCAOM Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Naturopathy, and an Interfaith, Stephen Minister. Emi is also a meditation teacher and Pastoral Care Counselor. She has been a student of the world's Spiritual traditions for more than fifty years, and blessed to receive wisdom from many Masters and Saints. She is dedicated to helping bring forth unity of the world's religious Ideals, and the reality of the One Creator of All. Besides her writing and studying the sacred religious traditions, Emi enjoys long walks by the ocean, music and theatre, taking journeys and discovering beauty in natural places, and visiting with good friends and family.
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