CHOLESTEROL MYTHS AND MADNESS ~ Manage Cholesterol Levels Naturally


Myers Park Baptist Church – Cornwell Center

2001 Selwyn Ave Charlotte

WHEN: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 10:00 AM


* Cholesterol Is Your Body’s Best Friend


* Cholesterol Drugs Cause Life-Altering Side Effects ~ Nerve Death, Increased Risk of Cancer, Impaired Liver Function, Heart Attacks and Strokes, Inflammation, Muscle Pain & Weakness

* To Manage Your Levels With Sound Nutrition

*Ditching Low Fat & No Fat Foods Increases Health!

*Cholesterol Is The Building Block For ALL Steroidal Hormones – Estrogens, Progesterones, Testosterone

*The Important Relationship Between Vitamin D And Cholesterol

* The Role Of Cholesterol In Chronic Inflammation * The Role Of Cholesterol In Depression

Emi Miller has had a practice in Integrative and Holistic Medicine for the past 25 years. She is a Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist, Registered Nurse, Certified Holistic Nurse and Interfaith Minister. She is Nationally Certified In Asian Bodywork Therapy and a Diplomat of NCCAOM.

She is offering a 25% Discount on the first treatment!

Call: 704-804-3353

About Emi Miller

Emi Miller has practiced Integrative Holistic Medicine for thirty years. She is a Registered Nurse, Nationally Certified Holistic Nurse, NCCAOM Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Naturopathy, and an Interfaith, Stephen Minister. Emi is also a meditation teacher and Pastoral Care Counselor. She has been a student of the world's Spiritual traditions for more than fifty years, and blessed to receive wisdom from many Masters and Saints. She is dedicated to helping bring forth unity of the world's religious Ideals, and the reality of the One Creator of All. Besides her writing and studying the sacred religious traditions, Emi enjoys long walks by the ocean, music and theatre, taking journeys and discovering beauty in natural places, and visiting with good friends and family.
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