Biogas Power Plants – Fuel At What Cost – Depletion of Topsoil

Everything that has breath came from the Earth. And the soil becomes ever rejuvenated, filled with rich bacteria, iron and minerals… to feed the bacteria and worms, and bugs and bees and birds and fish and and animals and people. And when their bodies have completed their time on Earth, they return to the soil to replenish itself, once again.

We have a vanquished our Earth. We have an eroding top soil layer, depleted of all organic, living matter from the applications of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormonal and antibiotic waste and more toxins. And with the Biogas Power Plants we are going to take our food waste, that should be plowed into compost, and incinerate it. so that it does not have an opportunity to replenish the soil, and re-nurture the life on Earth. Without good quality top soil we cannot grow plants that have good quality nutrients. Our food will be more and more deficient — in iron, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. In the article below, ‘What if the world’s soil runs out’ you will read that there is already a dire world-wide loss of top soil, between 60 and 70% has been lost. This should be very alarming to us all.

We are soo very ill informed. The body of the Earth needs a rest and replenishing, just like our own body needs rest. In Leviticus, our ancient ancestors were told by the Most High they must replenish the land periodically. In fact they were commanded to give their land a complete rest every seven years…it was not to be planted, or reaped, or plowed. Any and all plants that grew by themselves were to be left on the soil to decompose, and regenerate the Earth. And fruit that grew on the trees were forbidden to be eaten, but were to be left to fall on the ground and decompose, in order that the land would take sustenance and be able to give us an abundance of food and fruit for another seven years…. This resting year was called, “The Sabbath of the Land.”

Where are our Wisdom Voices now?

Read this article: “Biogas power plant closer to operation” article at

Then please read this article, too. One by one we are engaging in soil depletion around the world. This is just one article on the subject, but it is a good one.

What If the World’s Soil Runs Out?

A broken food system is destroying the soil and fuelling health crises as well as conflicts, warns Professor John Crawford of the University of Sydney.

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